Working :

When product passes through the infeed conveyor and reach to sealing area, sensors senses the product and passes the signals to the pneumatically operated sealing bar which retracts the cylinders of sealing jaw causes sealing and cutting of the shrink film. After the seal is made, cylinder again retracts to its original position. Cool air is thrown on the seal to achieve a strong seal. Once the sealing is over, the outfeed conveyor takes the product inside the Shrink Tunnel.

This will transfer the first set of loosely wrapped packs into the tunnel, where the shrinking process will take place and the cycle continues.

Features :

  1. Dancing bar arrangement for low tension film unwinding.
  2. Preforator wheel for film perforations in films.
  3. Hand wheels for adjusting height and width of the products.
  4. Can be senses either by vertical or horizontal ways to sense flat or uneven product.
  5. Specially designed and silicon coated sealing knife.
  6. Separate temp. controller for front and sides sealing.
  7. Adjustable dwell / seal delay time.
  8. Adjustable film advance for heighted products.
  9. Reputed make motor, sensor and other elect. components.