Features :

  1. SS Fin type heaters
  2. Branded electrical components
  3. Extra protection for each & every electrical component
  4. Packing length will be unlimited


  1. Turntable start button
  2. Film Elevator up/down to wrap with the upper / lower package.
  3. Film elevator stop button to stop lifting.
  4. Circle of bottom wrapping setting.
  5. Turntable straight button to start wrapping.
  6. Power switch is safety mecahnsim for any damage sue to operator improper operation.
  7. Emergency stop button
  8. Film tension control is applied with mechanical l flexible braking.
  9. Pre-stretch function
  10. Automode in normal operation
  11. Turntable speed adjustment button.
  12. Film elevator speed adjustment button
  13. Side sealer machine manufacturer and exporter in India